I am Peter Adams  and I am so happy that you are here with me sharing this great adventure called  life. If you are looking for the secret for how to manifest the  life of your dreams, you have come to the right place. VisualFestation was created out of a passion of mine to change the lives of millions of people around the World.

Using my VisualFestation System, I have worked with the Universe and created miracles in my own life.

Three Not So Simple Questions

Ask yourself:

“What would I be if there was nothing that I could not be?”

“What would I do if there was nothing that I could not do?”

“What would I have if there was nothing that I could not have?”

These are not philosophical questions. These are very important, very deep, and very personal questions. These are not questions that you can answer quickly, unless you have already been asked and answered them before.

Most people have never truly asked themselves these questions.  It is almost as if people don’t believe they can have the life of their dreams, so why bother with answering the questions?  Unfortunately, whatever they believe to be true, will be true for them. That is just how the Universe works.

The good news is that they have got it completely wrong, and you do not have to share in their limiting beliefs. You need to set a destination, which is your dream life, or ideal scene.  Without a destination, no maps or GPS system in the world can assist you, as you don’t know where you want to go.  You don’t need to know how you are going to get there, that’s the Universes job.

If I can do it, THEN YOU CAN TOO!  If you are ready, then let’s get started…

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Peter Adams is not just an expert on the subject; he personally has created miracles in his own life through using the techniques discussed in “VisualFestation”. Peter shares his miraculous experiences and precisely how he was able to manifest them into reality.

This amazingly transformative book is 118 pages, and available in print, downloadable and audiobook formats. Peter Adams is committed to donating ten percent of all proceeds from the sale of the book to his preferred chosen charities.

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VisualFestation System Self Study Course

In the “VisualFestation System  Self-Study Course”  the user will have the complete system with instructions, examples and exercises to work through to identify their goals, limiting beliefs, have an understanding of how your thoughts affect your energy and begin to create your own “Hour of Power” to manifesting the life of your dreams.

In this course, I will give you the exact techniques which I have used and from which I have received amazing results in my life. I have used these techniques to work with the Universe and as a result I feel as though my life is magical and truly blessed.

I will teach you how to begin creating and manifesting the life of your dreams.  It is not as difficult as you may think to create miracles in your life.  To achieve success with this system, you are going to need to take action, have faith, and  commit to practicing these techniques on a daily basis.

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Your Questions, Pete’s Answers!


I’m confused about the level of detail I should include in my goals and visualizations.  I am currently unemployed – or should I say, looking forward to my next job?  Anyway, I want to make a shift in my career path and know almost exactly what I want my job description to include.  Should I be this detailed or be more general?

There really is not ONE answer for everyone.  The most important thing is that you can generate the FEELING today of your goal already being manifested.  If more detail when you visualize creates more feelings, then stick with it.  If not, then probably less detail is better. With the job description that you have in mind for the position you want, I would use that as the basis for creating one or two affirmations. When it comes to goal setting I would probably lean a little bit to the more general side, as you don’t yet know how the opportunity is going to arrive to you.  (I am referring to the new position).  You don’t want to block the possibility of something even better coming in.


Hi Pete, How do you experience financial abundance as a feeling when your income is consistently less than your expenses? I was laid off in 2009, cut living expenses to the extent possible and have been generating some income through self-employment but the funds are insufficient.

We are living off our our savings–we are grateful to have that money stashed away but it is not a perpetual source. This is the first time in my entire  life that something wonderful has not happened for me when I needed it. I am not sitting back–I work everyday and I have submitted numerous proposals for multiple projects that just do not happen for one reason or another. I am trying my best to stay in a positive frame of mind and trying to feel prosperous, but the outside is not matching the inside. Any advice on how to get to the future I am envisioning? My faith and patience are both being tested tremendously. Thank you. “

First off, great question. This is what I believe is going on with the law of attraction right now in your life. I believe the focus on the fear of running out of savings, is stronger right now than any feeling of prosperity which you are trying to generate. I believe that is why those projects have not been coming through for you up to this point. I have been there before, and I have seen the same thing happen in my own life, especially when you need something BIG to happen, and you focus on “what will happen if it doesn’t”, and then you run the “downward spiral scenario” and the law of attraction sends you more things to worry about.

As soon as you have those thoughts of fear tell yourself forcefully STOP! You are the one who has to keep your mind in check, as it loves drama. Focus and affirm gratitude for everything working out for you perfectly, and make that your mantra. Do not assume that everything is not working out perfectly for you, as what you see on the surface is simply an illusion and not the truth.

Miracles happen everyday, and when you make the shift to gratitude and everything working out, the Universe will start sending your circumstances which will be a vibrational match. Be steadfast and do your hour of power every day, and know that the miracle is on its way to you.


Hi Pete!  I need to make a decision about something important by a certain date.  Would the best way to use VisualFestation for this situation be to visualize receiving the answer about which path to take by the specific date?  Thank you so much for your insight!

The way I would handle this would be to meditate and ask for guidance from the Universe on which path is best, and have gratitude for receiving the answer by the deadline. Then pay attention to your dreams, or any “hunches” or “feelings” which come through. The answer should come through to you with clarity.


“I am confused about Power. There are times when I lose my way and become fearful again. No matter what I do or how many times I meditate, I seem not to be able to retrieve it. Is it something I did wrong”?

Higher Power is always there waiting to give you all the wonderful things you desire, but you have to be in alignment with Source to receive it.  Having thoughts of doubts and fear is taking moving you out of alignment with Source, where as thoughts of gratitude and faith bring you in to alignment with source, and when you are aligned you can then manifest what you desire.
Visualize what you want to manifest in to your life, and see it as already being done in your minds eye.  Then create a true feeling of gratitude to Source for it being done and on its way to you.

You advise us to get clear about our goals.  What if we have difficulty getting clear about a particular goal?  Can that be a goal, such as “”I have clarity about ______ issue?””  If so, how do we visualize that, especially if we are not sure about which outcome we want?

Where you have not gotten to the point of clarity in what it is that you want, that is a step which must be fulfilled before moving on.  I would suggest that you spend some time alone and meditate on the question and listen for the response.  This may take a week or more for it to come to you, but the answer already exists inside of you. Once you have clarity for what it is that you want, you can then move forward with creating the visualization piece.  Where right now you don’t have clarity, it is not possible for you to create a meaningful visualization to support the goal, as it does not yet exist.

How do I know what I want?

That is not an answer anyone but you can answer. The answer is already inside of you, you just need to get quiet and meditate on the question. One suggestion I have to get you started is to answer this question “What activity gives me the greatest joy?”

What is the first thing I need to do to being living the life of my dreams?

The first thing you need to do is to get crystal clear on what it is that you say you want. The next thing you need to do is to come up with all of the reasons “why” you want this. The “why” is as important as the “what”. The “why” is where the “feeling” lies, and the “feeling” that you will have upon the “what” manifesting is the real underlying reason you want it.

I’ve watched the movie The Secret a number of times and my life has not changed. If this stuff works like you say, how come it hasn’t worked for me yet?

If you’ve done nothing except watch the movie, you are missing a key ingredient and that is taking action. The Secret is a great movie, but it is truly just an introduction for people on the law of attraction. Being introduced to the law of attraction is not the same as being a daily practitioner. You need to take consistent action with the principles in VisualFestation, if you do that with faith, you will see your life change.

I am visualizing having my long time ex-boyfriend back, and I just heard that he is getting married soon. What technique should I use? Please help.

I know that this is not the answer that you want to hear, so I apologize ahead of time. Everyone on our planet has free will, and free will cannot be controlled by anyone but that individual. We have no right to try to control other souls, and they have no right to control us. In short, the Universe will not allow that to happen. I would suggest that you mentally wish him the best of happiness, and if it is truly meant to be, then you will be together again. It is possible that there is someone truly better for you and until he is out of the picture you will not be together with your true soul mate.

What is the difference between positive thinking and creative visualization? Aren’t they the same thing?

Positive thinking is about consciously thinking positive thoughts through out the day, so that you don’t dwell on negative thoughts. Through thinking positive thoughts you have a higher vibration that will make you feel better, and you will have more positive things attracted to you through out your day.

Creative visualization is a much more powerful technique for manifesting than straight positive thinking. With creative visualization you get in to a meditative state and you visualize your goals as already being manifested NOW and you experience the joyous FEELING of them coming true. You then experience gratitude to Source for having them manifest into your present reality.

I have made some mistakes in the past, and I don’t think I deserve to have the life of my dreams. Should I just try to be happy where I am, even though it is not what I want in life?

The first thing you need to recognize is that the Past is the Past, and until you forgive yourself you will not be able to move forward. The Universe wants you to live the life of your dreams, so forgive yourself and move on. If you are not happy with where you are now, that is a clear sign that you are meant to have more love, happiness, or abundance, and your spirit is telling you so. If you are here, you are worthy, so go for what ever it is that you say you want.

When I try to meditate my mind keeps wandering off and I end up thinking about all the things I need to do at work and at home. What am I doing wrong?

If you are new to meditation, this is a very common thing. I had the same experience when I started meditating. I would suggest reading articles on how to meditate, and I would also listen to some guided meditation recordings. The recordings teach you how to relax and after practicing you will be able to meditate on your own.

How long is it going to take to before the miracle shows up in my life? Should I give it a few weeks or a month? Just how long should I give it?

This is a question that I cannot answer for anyone, as it is completely up to you and your faith. If you have incredible faith and do not doubt, you will see it manifest. The Universe works on its own schedule, so when it is the right time, it will appear.