Before You Ask, It Is Given…

There is a passage from the Bible where it says “before you ask, it is given.” Although I have heard this repeatedly over decades, it finally came to me what this really means. The revelation came to me while I was working on a new project to teach people that we are the deliberate creators of our life. Image result for giving

In our material experience, we see what already exists in our World. When I use the term “deliberate creation”, it is about us getting “crystal” clear on what we desire to experience and then using Universal Laws to bring about that experience in to our present reality. The TRUTH is that any and all experiences we desire to have in our lives have already been created and they are waiting upon us to select them. To be clear about these “potential” experiences, they include both the wonderful and the not so wonderful. The beautiful thing though is that we have been given the power to purposefully SELECT the experiences we desire. It is up to us to select the experience. We already do this automatically with our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

The System of Creation is always running and delivering to you the experiences which you are a vibrational match to. Many people seem to find themselves trapped in a non stop experience of things which they deem to be undesirable and they are unhappy with the circumstances in their lives. Until they consciously come to the realization that they are “selecting” these experiences through their ongoing negative beliefs, they will remain stuck in that vibration which can only deliver more negative experiences to them.

Unfortunately, too many of us choose to blame everyone but ourselves when our lives don’t seem to be working the way we say we want. Being in the vibration of a victim only leads to more and more opportunities for us to experience being a victim over and over again. WE ARE ANYTHING BUT VICTIMS IN THIS EXPERIENCE! Within each of us is the POWER to SELECT the reality we desire to experience and it is up to us to PERSONALLY TAKE CHARGE OF IT!

Today, decide to take charge of your life experience and know that you deserve to live the life of your dreams! Your POWER has always been there patiently waiting for you to become aware of your potential. Now that you know this Truth, it is up to you to make the changes required to move from “victim” to “VICTOR”!!!