Creative Imagination…

Just around one year ago I was introduced to a law of attraction writer which I had never heard of before.  His name was Neville Goddard, and although he has since transitioned, he left us with some remarkable works.  He wrote an amazing book titled “The Power of Awareness”.  The book is not very long, but the amount of wisdom that is contained in that book is immense for its size.

The essential premise of the book is that we have the ability to create the personal reality we desire through the effective use of our imagination.  Neville essentially said that if you have the ability to imagine having anything, than you can HAVE it and it is within your reach.  I know for many people this might sound a little too good to be true, but it really isn’t once you realize that you do have that ability, and the way you manifest what you desire is through working deliberately with your imagination.

Neville’s explanation for why it works is that your imagination is actually your direct connection to Spirit, God, Source Energy, or whatever you like to call it.  When I read his book, it totally reinforces to me that I too have the ability to create whatever I desire in to my reality, and that is just how it has successfully worked for me.  In fact, the techniques which I use every day in practicing my VisualFestation System are direct exercises which I use to effectively work with my “imagination”, although I refer it to as Spirit.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, IT STILL WORKS BUT YOU HAVE TO DELIBERATELY DO THE WORK WITH YOUR IMAGINATION.

The Power of Awareness I believe is one of the greatest books ever written on how to use your imagination to successfully manifest whatever it is you desire in to your experience.  For some that could be the desire for increased wealth, for others it could be a return to vibrant health.  You can use your imagination to create any change, which you desire in your life.

I have uploaded the full audio book as a playlist on our VisualFestation YouTube channel.  The book is there and I hope you will take the time to listen to this amazing book.  On our channel, you will also find a handful of other classics, which I have read numerous times over the past twenty years, which have taught me that we truly are the deliberate creators of our experience.

I hope you all will enjoy these great works and truly take in all the information that they share.  Here is the link to our channel:


Godspeed to you all,


Creating Your Own Personal Success Blueprint

Join Constance Arnold and myself as we share how to begin creating your own personal success blueprint, the 5 steps for designing your personal success blueprint and my own personal story of how I created my own personal reality. Additionally you will learn what to do when it looks like nothing is happening and how to remain consistent, persistent and have faith.

Nosophobia & the Law of Attraction

The first thing that probably came to mind when you saw the title of this blog post was what the heck is “Nosophobia”?  Nosophobia is the irrational fear of contracting a disease.  Nosophobia itself is not an actual disease whatsoever, but it describes a person’s irrational fear of contracting a certain disease.

Being students of the Law of Attraction, I am sure that you probably already know what I am going to say next, and that is that the people who suffer from “nosophobia” actually do end up contracting the disease that they fear.  A very well studied scientific example of “nosophobia” which goes back over one hundred years, and it is a syndrome commonly known as “Medical Students Disease”.

What the medical researchers discovered was that medical students who were studying diseases often developed symptoms of the diseases they were studying and mysteriously contracted the actual disease in their bodies.

I want you to REALLY think about what you just read.  What it is telling you is that western medicine actually realizes that your thoughts can make your physical body sick, and they can prove it.  The illusion of disease did not exist in these medical students bodies until they started learning about the disease and becoming fearful of it.  In short, they created the physical demonstration of disease in their bodies from thought alone.

On the surface this seems like pretty scary news until you start to REALLY think about the other side of what they are saying, and that is that through your beliefs, your mind can heal any condition that you may temporarily be experiencing.  Beliefs of perfect health and wellness can just as easily remove a condition as the fear of ill health can cause it to manifest in your reality.  Medical researchers define this as the ‘placebo effect’ which is how they describe a patient who has an illness getting healed from taking a “fake” drug which has no active sickness fighting ingredients.  Instead, it is simply just the patient’s belief in the drug working which causes the outcome of healing in their bodies.

It doesn’t matter what you have been told to the contrary from the medical community.  They are in the business of keeping you sick, as that is how they get paid.  If you get better or die, either way they view it as losing a customer.  I don’t want to sound harsh, but you need to understand that most of the information that they are telling you is completely biased as there is a financial incentive underlying it all.

You have perfect health, but are your beliefs keeping you from experiencing it?  Start each morning by affirming and being grateful for the fact that you have perfect health, and focus on that being the truth throughout your day.

Each of us holds the key to perfect health within us, and it is our responsibility to use it.  Don’t listen to the naysayers, as they are all taking too many pills and are probably late to their next doctor’s appointment.

Remember, you get what you believe, nothing more, nothing less!


This morning after I got done doing my hour of power, a little voice in my head said to me “money doesn’t grow on trees”.  I sat there for a moment and I contemplated on the saying and I asked myself where the heck is that idea coming from??

I then realized that it was coming from my childhood, and for some crazy reason it still existed inside of me.  That was a saying that my Father would often say to me when I wanted him to buy me something in a store.  Instead of just saying “no” to the request, I guess he felt as though he was teaching me some kind of lesson in frugality, which is just another word for “lack” or that there was a “shortage of money” in my family and my life experience.

Knowing that a lack of anything in our life experience is just a reflection of our beliefs, I immediately realized that I had to address where this saying in my head was coming from and to blow it out of the water.  I then came up with the following affirmation that would overwhelm the false belief in lack: “I OWN a forest of money trees, and I am blessed with abundance!” 

Now say it aloud to yourself: “I OWN a forest of money trees, and I am blessed with abundance!” 

Now say it again only louder:  “I OWN a forest of money trees, and I am blessed with abundance!” 

When you say the affirmation, see yourself surrounded by a forest of trees covered in leaves, which are $100 bills, and get in to the feeling of the abundance that is yours for the taking.

The abundance that is yours in this experience is truly unlimited.  The only limits to your abundance are self-imposed by you on yourself through your beliefs.  Lose the beliefs that no longer serve you and claim the abundance that is yours!

See you in the forest…




There is an ancient Chinese Proverb, which states, “every ending is a new beginning”. The meaning behind it is very deep.  It essentially means that at any time you can choose your path regardless of what your present circumstances are or how poor your present condition is.  You can choose a path which will lead you to great fortune and success, and once you select that path wonderful things will start showing up in your life.

At the same time though, there is another path that you can choose which will only lead you to more challenges and despair in your life.  Both paths exist simultaneously in every moment and it is up to you to decide which path you are going to take.  The choice is always yours alone to take, and you do this with your thoughts and beliefs

By staying focused on what you desire and aligning your thoughts and beliefs on success, you will undoubtedly create a life, that which you are blessed with massive abundance of love, health, and wealth in your life.

If you should decide to choose the other path through focusing your thoughts on fear and lack, you will undoubtedly create a life, which will be full of frustration, unhappiness, and ill health.  The path is set up this way to awaken you to the fact that you are on the wrong path.

Even if you chose the path of unhappiness, you always have the right to change paths and get on the path of success at any moment in your life.  As soon as you make that choice, your life experience will begin to transform into a life of happiness, joy and success. This is what is meant by “every ending is a new beginning”.

Choosing the right path is simply using the Law of Attraction in the right manner to bring about abundance.  Choosing the wrong path will simply have you using the Law of Attraction against yourself.  Remember it works either way, perfectly and it is always your choice.

No Matter what the situation,
Remind yourself, “I have a choice”.
Deepak Chopra

You ARE the Answer to Your Own Prayers

You ARE the Answer to Your Own Prayers

I have an amazing success story to share with you.  I was going to save it for my next book, but it is far too good to not share it with you now.  This past May, my Wife Robin and I were visiting some National Parks over in Utah.  On our way back to Colorado, we decided to listen to “A Happy Pocket Full of Money” by David Cameron Gikandi, who is a friend of mine.

We had listened to the book before, but for some reason it seemed different this time.  Something inside both of us “clicked”, and we decided that we wanted to increase sales in our business.  Knowing that we are the deliberate creators in our experience, we made a commitment to practice scripting every morning during our hour of power.

We scripted about how awesome it was to have so many new customers, and how our existing customers loved the service and the quality we provided and that they were polite and friendly to our team members.  We scripted about how wonderful it was to have increasing sales and how grateful we were for such an amazing business.

We did this for eleven straight mornings, and on the afternoon of the eleventh day, we were approached by a competitor who asked us if we would be interested in buying his business!  I almost fell out of my chair when I saw his email in my Gmail account.  I said that we would absolutely be interested in buying his business.  In less than ten days from that email, we were under contract to buy his business, and roughly thirty days later we closed on the purchase.  This purchase has increased our existing sales by 50%!!!  Talk about results!

Using the techniques of The VisualFestation System on an everyday basis, combined with having faith and gratitude that it was already done, will manifest anything you believe you can have.   YOU HAVE THE POWER TO ANSWER YOUR OWN PRAYERS, AND THE UNIVERSE HAS GIVEN EVERYONE OF US THIS POWER.

I hope what Robin and I were able to accomplish will inspire you to create the reality you desire.  You have all of the power already in you to HAVE IT ALL!  It is now up to you to do the work and manifest it in to your reality.

Before You Ask, It Is Given…

There is a passage from the Bible where it says “before you ask, it is given.” Although I have heard this repeatedly over decades, it finally came to me what this really means. The revelation came to me while I was working on a new project to teach people that we are the deliberate creators of our life. Image result for giving

In our material experience, we see what already exists in our World. When I use the term “deliberate creation”, it is about us getting “crystal” clear on what we desire to experience and then using Universal Laws to bring about that experience in to our present reality. The TRUTH is that any and all experiences we desire to have in our lives have already been created and they are waiting upon us to select them. To be clear about these “potential” experiences, they include both the wonderful and the not so wonderful. The beautiful thing though is that we have been given the power to purposefully SELECT the experiences we desire. It is up to us to select the experience. We already do this automatically with our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

The System of Creation is always running and delivering to you the experiences which you are a vibrational match to. Many people seem to find themselves trapped in a non stop experience of things which they deem to be undesirable and they are unhappy with the circumstances in their lives. Until they consciously come to the realization that they are “selecting” these experiences through their ongoing negative beliefs, they will remain stuck in that vibration which can only deliver more negative experiences to them.

Unfortunately, too many of us choose to blame everyone but ourselves when our lives don’t seem to be working the way we say we want. Being in the vibration of a victim only leads to more and more opportunities for us to experience being a victim over and over again. WE ARE ANYTHING BUT VICTIMS IN THIS EXPERIENCE! Within each of us is the POWER to SELECT the reality we desire to experience and it is up to us to PERSONALLY TAKE CHARGE OF IT!

Today, decide to take charge of your life experience and know that you deserve to live the life of your dreams! Your POWER has always been there patiently waiting for you to become aware of your potential. Now that you know this Truth, it is up to you to make the changes required to move from “victim” to “VICTOR”!!!





Why do we say Hindsight is 20/20?

Pete asked me to write a blog this month and I thought what could I write about? Well, turns out it came to me pretty easily. I was acually writing in my jounral and reflecting back on the last four years of our lives.

When looking back on our lives we tend to say Hindsight is 20/20. We seem to think that looking back is so clear and we can see things we couldn’t see before. Rear View

Is that really how it is? Do we really see things clearer looking back or did we just choose not to see them in the first place?

Did you miss all the signs that were there? Most people go through life never seeing the signs or realizing that things happening in their life are FOR them, rather than against them. That you are creating your reality everyday with the Universe, wether you see it or believe it or not. Once you realize you have the power to be a co-creator in your life with the Universe you will start to see and believe.

Having Faith that “Everything is Always Working out Perfectly” for Pete and I is how we live our lives. Trusting and knowing that if we do the work and believe that we are co-creators with the universe anything is possible. Looking back and realizing that everything that has taken place in our lives has been a complete manifestation of what we believed and created is 20/20. I can see now how the Universe met us half way and created situtations for us, brought the right people into our life at the right time, gave us the knowledge we needed at the right time, helped us to get out of our own way, had things not happen so something better could happen. The list could go on and on!

Looking back always appears to be 20/20 because you (hopefully) learn from seeing that clearer picture and realize that all the dots were connected for you to be where you are today. Seeing things clearly today will (hopefully) bring you closer to understanding that you are a co-creator with the Universe and that you are always co-creating with the Universe. Pay attention and take great notes!  Robin



While surfing the internet the other day I came across a website that had a video that looked interesting.  The  video showed an interview of this amazing lady named Helene Hadsell.

Helene Hadsell has essentially won every single contest she has entered in to over a period of 50 years!  If you watch the video, you will be amazed by her story.  What really caught my interest though was her ability to take the Law of Attraction and put it in to a very simple four step process.  She created the acronym S.P.E.C. which stands for:

Select what it is that you want to experience?
See the experience as already done and complete, and get in to the feeling that you already have it.
Know that it IS DONE, and do not doubt it as not being absolutely true.
Accept the prize, and have gratitude.

This process is not just for winning contests, it is the same process for which anything and everything you desire to experience.  It is the same process which you can use for: health; wealth; happiness; relationships etc.

I remember buying the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill around eighteen years ago.  I was in a book store and the title caught my eye, but I really had no idea at the time what the book was really about.  After reading it three times in a row from cover to cover, I started to wonder if it was really possible to use your mind to create events in ones life.  I started using the technique I now refer to as “Acting As If”.

At the time I was seeking to move up the corporate ladder in a company where I had just recently been hired.  I started to see myself and feel what it would be like to be promoted to Director of Finance, and I practiced this technique while I commuted in to my office.  Within three weeks from reading the book and “Acting As If”, the Director of Finance I reported to informed me that she had accepted another position and was leaving the company.  I told her that I would be interested in applying for her soon to be vacated position, and within a few days I was promoted to Director of Finance along with a substantial salary increase.  At the time, I really had not heard about the Law of Attraction even though I was using it and not realizing that I was.  It was not until about six years later that I was able to “connect the dots”, and see that I had deliberately created the promotion and salary increase.

What experiences have you manifested in your life that you have not even been conscious to the fact that you created them?  When you look back on so called “lucky breaks”, right place right time etc., do you now see the patterns around those events and miracles?

We are all creating all of the time.  Those who understand this and live it are the happiest people in the World for they have gratitude for the gift that we have all been given.  That gift is the unalienable right to be deliberate creators in our life experience.

Remember you don’t have to settle for a seat in coach, when there is a window seat in first class with your name on it!!!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao Tzu

Double the Luck.....
Double the Luck

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao Tzu


This amazing quote from Lao Tzu, which was written over 2,500 years ago, it is just as relevant today as it was the day it was written. When I read those words, I cannot help but see them as an analogy for taking action in spite of any limiting beliefs or fears you may have.


A thousand mile journey on foot, no doubt is an enormous undertaking. The goal is so huge, that most people will not take that first step out of fear that they will never complete the journey of a thousand miles. To them, failing to complete the journey would be a disappointment and it would lead to pain, so it would be better then to just stay at home.


The way life really works once you take that step, is that Spirit will bring you all the tools you need and the opportunities which will get you to your destination. It could be that after two days of walking, a fellow traveler on their own journey has an extra horse which they let you ride for the next 600 miles. That blessing was something you could never have known about, but it was on its way to you once you began walking.


You don’t need to know how every step of the journey will be before you begin. Often times after you begin your journey, it seems like you have lost your way when challenges show up. Don’t think for a second that you are not still on your way to your destination. It most likely is the Universe lining up the next horse for you to ride, and you need to visit a village a little out of the way to make the connection.


Remember that IT IS ALL WORKING OUT PERFECTLY FOR YOU, just trust and believe that it is and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Before you know it you will be at your destination, and you will be telling everyone how quickly you got there once you took that first step…