While surfing the internet the other day I came across a website that had a video that looked interesting.  The  video showed an interview of this amazing lady named Helene Hadsell.

Helene Hadsell has essentially won every single contest she has entered in to over a period of 50 years!  If you watch the video, you will be amazed by her story.  What really caught my interest though was her ability to take the Law of Attraction and put it in to a very simple four step process.  She created the acronym S.P.E.C. which stands for:

Select what it is that you want to experience?
See the experience as already done and complete, and get in to the feeling that you already have it.
Know that it IS DONE, and do not doubt it as not being absolutely true.
Accept the prize, and have gratitude.

This process is not just for winning contests, it is the same process for which anything and everything you desire to experience.  It is the same process which you can use for: health; wealth; happiness; relationships etc.

I remember buying the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill around eighteen years ago.  I was in a book store and the title caught my eye, but I really had no idea at the time what the book was really about.  After reading it three times in a row from cover to cover, I started to wonder if it was really possible to use your mind to create events in ones life.  I started using the technique I now refer to as “Acting As If”.

At the time I was seeking to move up the corporate ladder in a company where I had just recently been hired.  I started to see myself and feel what it would be like to be promoted to Director of Finance, and I practiced this technique while I commuted in to my office.  Within three weeks from reading the book and “Acting As If”, the Director of Finance I reported to informed me that she had accepted another position and was leaving the company.  I told her that I would be interested in applying for her soon to be vacated position, and within a few days I was promoted to Director of Finance along with a substantial salary increase.  At the time, I really had not heard about the Law of Attraction even though I was using it and not realizing that I was.  It was not until about six years later that I was able to “connect the dots”, and see that I had deliberately created the promotion and salary increase.

What experiences have you manifested in your life that you have not even been conscious to the fact that you created them?  When you look back on so called “lucky breaks”, right place right time etc., do you now see the patterns around those events and miracles?

We are all creating all of the time.  Those who understand this and live it are the happiest people in the World for they have gratitude for the gift that we have all been given.  That gift is the unalienable right to be deliberate creators in our life experience.

Remember you don’t have to settle for a seat in coach, when there is a window seat in first class with your name on it!!!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao Tzu

Double the Luck.....
Double the Luck

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao Tzu


This amazing quote from Lao Tzu, which was written over 2,500 years ago, it is just as relevant today as it was the day it was written. When I read those words, I cannot help but see them as an analogy for taking action in spite of any limiting beliefs or fears you may have.


A thousand mile journey on foot, no doubt is an enormous undertaking. The goal is so huge, that most people will not take that first step out of fear that they will never complete the journey of a thousand miles. To them, failing to complete the journey would be a disappointment and it would lead to pain, so it would be better then to just stay at home.


The way life really works once you take that step, is that Spirit will bring you all the tools you need and the opportunities which will get you to your destination. It could be that after two days of walking, a fellow traveler on their own journey has an extra horse which they let you ride for the next 600 miles. That blessing was something you could never have known about, but it was on its way to you once you began walking.


You don’t need to know how every step of the journey will be before you begin. Often times after you begin your journey, it seems like you have lost your way when challenges show up. Don’t think for a second that you are not still on your way to your destination. It most likely is the Universe lining up the next horse for you to ride, and you need to visit a village a little out of the way to make the connection.


Remember that IT IS ALL WORKING OUT PERFECTLY FOR YOU, just trust and believe that it is and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Before you know it you will be at your destination, and you will be telling everyone how quickly you got there once you took that first step…


The Power of the Mute Button

The Power of the Mute Button


Here in the United States, and especially in Florida, you cannot help but be constantly bombarded by television and radio commercials by the pharmaceutical companies pushing their drugs.  The standard commercial shows happy active people having fun in the video portion while the audio portion basically tells you that the side effects from taking this drug, is that it will more than likely give you a stroke, make you suicidal and possibly kill you.

For most of the past 50 years, this type of advertising was banned due to the placebo effect that it could have on people.  Essentially a listener would hear about the symptoms of a particular condition and then they would buy into the idea that they had a certain ailment, which they didn’t.  The most important thing to realize is that you need to block this garbage from reaching your ears and influencing your belief system.

Whatever you believe to be true, shall be true in your reality.  If you believe you have perfect health, you will!  If you crack the door into the belief that you better go see a Doctor, who then agrees with you, the drug company has won over another customer who wasn’t even ill before they heard the commercial.

Ever notice that the people you know who are always sick or injured are continuously facing health challenges?  That is not a coincidence, it is a pattern of beliefs manifesting in their bodies as “dis-ease”.

Mute button

The good news is that you can hit the mute button on your television or radio, but the most important mute button is the one you need to hit in your mind anytime that you start thinking about even the remote possibility of being ill.  Affirm that you are a perfect creation and have gratitude for the fact that you have perfect health, and YOU WILL!



Every Ending Contains a New Beginning.

Every Ending Contains a New Beginning.

 I Ching

 Wu Wei’s comment:

“Even the longest journey only started by the first step.  No matter how poor your circumstances are, no matter how poor you personal condition is, the path of the superior person, which only leads to supreme good fortune and great success, is always directly in front of you.  You may take the first step upon it at any time and magically transform your circumstances.  Those benefits are available for everyone, withheld from no one.  The path of the inferior person is also always directly in front of you, bringing its lessons of hardship, misery and despair, but only so that you will ultimately come to know the truth.  At each step of your way you must always choose between these two paths.  The ending of one path always means the beginning of the other.  Choose well; your future is entirely in your hands.”Excerpted from I Ching Wisdom by Wu Wei


I read the above passage this morning during my hour of power and I could not get over how beautifully simple and immensely powerful this is.  We all have the power at anytime to change the direction of our lives through our thoughts and actions.  That is one of the reasons why I am constantly reinforcing the fact that you need to practice your hour of power and VisualFestation techniques every single day.  You are the one who holds the keys to your kingdom, and never doubt for a second that that is anything but the Truth.




A Fish Story…


Yesterday I was being interviewed by my close friend Constance Arnold on her absolutely amazing “Think, Believe & Manifest” show on the Law of Attraction Radio Network.  We were having a casual conversation and she asked me if I was “still” doing my HOUR of POWER.  She already knew the answer to this one, as I told her that I practice it every single day with NO EXCEPTIONS! She is very familiar with the past miracles I have manifested in my life. I told her that I practice my HOUR of POWER  and my VisualFestation techniques everyday, as it draws the miracles closer to me every day.


The analogy which instantly came to mind was to imagine that you are on a fishing boat and that you have a trophy giant blue marlin hooked on your fishing line.  The only way to get him to the boat is to keep turning the fishing reel thereby “reeling” him in. The Law of Attraction works is the same way. In this case the marlin is your goal or miracle, and every time you practice your HOUR of POWER, HAVE FAITH and BELIEVE that you will land the fish, you are turning the reel on the fishing rod bringing the marlin closer and closer until it is finally in the boat and has manifested into your experience.


You have to keep “reeling” (doing the work) if you want to land the fish in the boat!  If you take time off from “reeling” or doing the work, all you are doing is letting that fish run from the boat and draw more line off your reel!

A Side Benefit of Feeling Gratitude


I cannot tell you enough about the importance of feeling gratitude every single day.  From a point of gratitude you set up the vibration to receive more things in your life to be grateful for.  One of the side benefits from doing your hour of power and feeling gratitude is better health.

I have been practicing my hour of power and feeling gratitude daily and it dawned on me today that I have not been sick once in over fourteen years.  If you are not doing so already, incorporate an affirmation about having perfect health into your daily routine and have gratitude for it being so.  Example: “I AM enjoying perfect health!”  Once you incorporate this into your life, you might as well remove that medicine cabinet from above your sink, as you won’t be opening it anymore…



Take Them Up One Inch

The other day I was standing in line at the local dry cleaners and the gentleman ahead of me in line seemed quite distressed about something.  When he got to the counter he placed the pants which he had in his hands on to the counter and pointed out a crease in the cuffs which was formerly the bottom of his pants.  He then said “I asked to have the pants hemmed and brought up by one inch, now look at these!!  Why didn’t someone call me?”

Take up one inchThe customer service attendant at the counter simply said that “we have an excellent seamstress and she brought your pants up by exactly one inch, which was precisely your instructions.”  The customer who was now even more agitated said that “I GOT WHAT I ASKED FOR BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANTED!!”  The attendant then told the customer that “the seamstress can only follow the precise instructions of a customer, and she is not at liberty to follow anything but those instructions.  YOU GOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU ASKED FOR.”


The customer was now even more upset and cried out “I bought these pants for seventy dollars and I spent another eighteen dollars for the alteration.  WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END!!!?”


For a minute I was wondering if I had mistakenly gone in to a drama class as this seemed to be almost a performance from Shakespeare.  Knowing the law of attraction, I just smiled and watched the end of the scene.


How many of us have received EXACTLY what we have been asking for, and when it shows up in our lives we get really upset about it?  Your thoughts are more powerful than you can ever imagine and they are shaping your reality every second of every day.  Knowing the absolute TRUTH to this, I wish only the best thoughts to you all.

It’s Not Working Or Is It? Success Journey #1


believeMy “journey” goes back much further than what is being shared here, however it was at this juncture in my life when I actively decided to create my life differently and the universe immediately supported and encouraged me every step of the way.

In January 2012, I found myself transitioning out of a six year co-created family with my boyfriend and his two sons.  There were a lot of things up in the air to say the least (house, money, his children that lived with us, etc.) and I had no idea what was going to happen next, but I knew I had a choice as to how I got through it.

Right away, I started reading books and watching YouTube videos – looking for support, encouragement, soothing, comfort; really anything that would put me in a better frame of mind.  At the time, I had literally one friend in this state, whom I seldom see or talk to, and no family here other than  who I was living with.  That said, one of the first things I started asking for in my mind was local girl friends and people that I could relate to who were on a path of bettering their lives.  I even searched Google for support groups, though I wasn’t exactly sure of the kind of support group I was looking for.

Google led me to meetup.com and one of the first pages that came up really stood out with a waterfall and serene picture that looked so peaceful and soothing.  I pondered it for a while, continued looking and then came back to it and joined.  It’s important here to note that for the prior seven years, I barely left the house, let alone made any attempt to meet new people, so I wasn’t sure if I would really go to this meetup.

A couple of days later, I received an email from an acquaintance and in it was a link to an on-line radio broadcast.  The link was to Constance Arnold’s show and the broadcast was for some man named Pete Adams who had written a book about changing your life for the absolute best.  I listened to that broadcast and literally cried the entire time because I was so grateful just to hear this person’s story and to know that it IS possible.  At the end of the show, Pete mentioned his web page and I immediately bought the book that day; in fact I bought the downloadable version so that I wouldn’t have to wait for delivery. 

There was a hang-up with the download and I had to contact the people on the link to obtain my e-book.  When I got an email back, the sender was Robin.  I was elated at the thought that the wife of the author of this amazing book was sending me an email; and I was so excited and grateful once again, that I was getting the help I asked for.  I wanted desperately to know that someone else out there had overcome “stuff” and that I would too.  The communication was brief and I got the book and completed it by the following day. 

In Visualfestation, Pete mentioned some of the books I was reading!  He mentioned some of the exercises I was doing!  I felt so much hope and possibility.  It was that next day, after reading the book, that I decided I was definitely going to go to that meetup I had found, which was to happen that coming Saturday.  It was also during those two days that I created MY crazy goals and they were HUGE (for me).

Fast forward to Saturday….the meetup was amazing for many reasons but to me the most astounding one that day was that the author of the book I had just read (Visualfestation) was at the meetup!!!!  Pete was a member of THAT meetup and I had no idea (clearly I had not looked at any of the profiles of the other members)!  UNBELIEVABLE!  I met him briefly that day and told him I had purchased the book and thanked him for writing it.

The next few months were very challenging at times.  We had decided that my now ex-boyfriend and one son would remain in our home until the end of the school year.  I had no idea how I was going to get through that but I KNEW I wanted a peaceful and loving transition for us all.  There were a lot of details that had to be worked out and there were times that I really didn’t see it coming together.  One Saturday, I was having a lot of doubts about everything and Pete happened to be at the meetup so I asked him, “What do you do when it seems like it’s not working or the things you want aren’t happening “?  He told me that’s when he kept moving, stayed focused on what he wanted and told doubt “NO”.  He said you just do it and keep doing it and believe that it is happening because it IS; even when it doesn’t look like it.  So I did.


In January, we had approximately $3,000.00, one vehicle, a lease on a house and while there was some money coming in, it wasn’t enough to do what needed to be done for everyone in this situation so we (ex-boyfriend and I) focused.  We focused on multiple streams of revenue.  We focused on peace and love through our transition.  We focused on a vehicle for me so that we would each have one.  We focused on him finding a new place to live where he was happy.  Within one week, we both had a new opportunity for immediate income and took it.  My vehicle showed up in March.  He ended up moving out of state to the perfect place and we still communicate regularly with peace and love.  The details are much more than what I have accounted for here and there were MANY MANY miracles along the way and more happen every day.

At some point, several months later, Robin (Pete’s wife) showed up at the meetup for the first time.  She shared with us that she had recently chosen a new path for herself.  When I met her, I was so excited because all those months before, she was like a life-line to me.  In one simple email response to me, she was able to give me comfort and hope that I would be better than just ok.  She didn’t even know it. 

Today, one year later, I still do everything in Pete’s book and more.  My business is growing more every day.  I have purchased my first home.  I have the BEST local girl friends that I spend time with regularly and I have my meetup where I am surrounded by like-minded people.  I get more confirmations every day from the universe that I am always exactly where I’m supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing.  Sometimes things seem a little scary to me or uncertain and that is when I let go, believe and trust that everything is always working for my highest good.  It’s amazing what happens when you ask, set your intentions, focus on your desires and believe.

I am so grateful to share my experience.  I am so grateful for all the tools I have been exposed to and use in my life.  I am so grateful for Pete and Robin and that they have had the courage to live their lives to the fullest, sharing with others these amazing gifts.


Happy New Year!


Are you Ready?

What to do when it looks like things aren’t working for you.

There are going to be times when you are practicing your VisualFestation skills and things appear to be doing the exact opposite of what you are working on manifesting.  An example of this could be that you are visualizing getting a promotion at work, and then out of the blue, your whole department is laid off as a result of a consolidation.  You are in total shock, and you are wondering “how could this have happened, I have been visualizing and scripting the complete opposite of this?”  It is at times like these that you must rely on FAITH and believe that EVERYTHING IS WORKING PERFECTLY FOR YOU!


A few months ago, we experienced what seemed to be the total collapse of our business.  The circumstances which led to it completely blind-sided us, and we could not have imagined it ever happening.  It was a very scary time for us, but we kept re-affirming that there must be something really BIG and GOOD out there for us, and we had gratitude that it was on its way to us.


Just like I wrote in my book VisualFestation, when the miracle happens, you never see it coming.  The total collapse of our former business had to happen so that we could achieve greater prosperity and happiness.  We never could have imagined it would happen that way, but now that it has we can see that all those events that had to happen to put us EXACTLY where we needed to be and when we were supposed to be there.


The Universe knows what steps need to be taken to get you where you want to go, so stop looking at the roads on the map, and trust that you will reach your destination in its own PERFECT time.


All this means is that the Universe is taking us down a different road than we initially expected. Our end result has always been the same. As we have had the same long term goals, now we have to adjust our short term goals to meet the Universe half way. This is why everyone always talks about the importance of Goal setting. You must have a destination for the Universe to deliver to you. If you don’t know where you want to end up, how can the Universe give you good directions? It’s like going from point A on the map to point C; you can’t skip over point B. So you must have faith and believe that when you have your long term goals set in stone that the Universe will send you the right directions, even when you think they are wrong or not the way you thought you were going to get there.


So if you are hoping that 2013 is going to be different, that you want a change in your life, that things must get better, ask yourself these questions, do you know where you want to Go? Do you have your Short and Long Term Goals written down? Are you ready to take Action? What changes can you make right now to start living the Life of Your Dreams?


My New Free eBook

Dear Friends,

I hope this note finds you well and that you are all practicing your hour of power each day and taking your role of Co-Creator seriously.  If this note finds you at a time in your life where you are either between jobs, unemployed, or “wrongfully employed”, we have some very EXCITING NEWS FOR YOU!

We are happy to announce that we have just finished our next book, and it is called “The VisualFestation Guide to Successful Employment.”  In the book I teach you how to use some of the techniques from our VisualFestation System to assist you with finding the job or career of your dreams!

Knowing how many people around the World are struggling from fear of their economic future, I thought it was time to do everything I could to turn it around.  That is why I AM GIVING THIS BOOK AWAY TO THE WORLD FOR FREE!

To give you a little background on how this book came about.  A few Sundays ago I was attending a celebratory service at the Mile Hi church in Lakewood Colorado.  It was a beautiful service, and the Minister asked the question: “How can you make a difference and make the World a better place?”  The answer immediately came to me to teach the VisualFestation System to people looking for work.

For most people, being unemployed can be one of the most stressful and fearful times in their life.  Knowing that we attract in what we focus on, I felt it was my duty to help them get out of their fear based thinking and attract in the new job they want.

After writing this book, and feeling the joy that it gave me to know that I was helping make a difference, I also decided that I could do even more to help, so inside the book you there is a coupon code which will give everyone 10% off the price of our book VisualFestation, as well as our VisualFestation Self-Study Course.  The coupon is only valid by purchasing through our website www.peterdadams.com.

Please feel free to share our new E-book with everyone you know, as it could truly make a huge difference in their lives.

Blessings to you all! Pete