The Importance of an Attitude of Gratitude

Since September is my Gratitude 30 Day Challenge and Sweepstakes, I thought I would tell you how important I believe having an Attitude of Gratitude everyday pre-paves the way to having a better day, and over time a much better life.  So many of us focus on what we don’t have and how it is not “fair” that someone else does.  The difference between having and not having could come down to one thing, and that is Gratitude.


When we are unhappy with the present circumstances in our lives and we focus on what we are unhappy about, we are using the law of attraction to create more of what we don’t want.  At times when I find myself in a spot that doesn’t feel good, I immediately focus on all the things I am grateful for, which changes my energy and raises my vibration.


If you are alive right now, that is a something you should be grateful for.  Every moment of life is a gift, and we should all remember that.  Whatever challenges you may temporarily face, have gratitude for the opposite being on its way to you and be happy for it being true now.

Remember to always have “Gratitude Now” and watch your dream life unfold.

What Color Do You Want?

Pete & Leace

If you need some inspiration as to the truth of what I am teaching through VisualFestation, you have come to the right place.  One of my students, who was facing some financial challenges, needed a new automobile, as the one she was driving was frequently breaking down.  To make matters worse, the exterior was in such bad shape that she was getting tickets from the police, which only made matters worse.


Rather than focus on the temporary appearance of lack, she put it out to the Universe that she had a new car, and that it was on its way to her.  When her granddaughter asked her on the phone if she had her new car yet, she simply replied, not yet but it is on its way.  The following week her granddaughter asked “what color is your new car?”  She then told her granddaughter that her new car was blue, and that it was on its way.


After practicing the VisualFestation System for less than one month, and working on receiving her new car.  An acquaintance of hers, whom she really did not know well at all, gave her the keys and title to one of his cars.  If that was not enough of a miracle already, the car was BLUE!


In her own words: “…I love your idea about writing about the car in your blog.  I know that your ideas from your book really WORK, and I think sharing real life stories will only help others.  So, sure you can use the story and the picture!!

I don’t know if it’s necessary to add this, but before I started working with you, I didn’t think getting a “new to me” car was possible because I was trying to figure out HOW it would happen.  I was saying things like, “How can I get a newer car if I don’t have the money?”  With your help, I realized that it’s not our job to worry about how the universe will make things happen.  Once I let that go, so did the universe!  WOOOO HOOOOOO!!



I cannot tell you how AWESOME it is to see people manifest their desires through using what I have taught them!