Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

The other night, I was interviewed by Darien Marshall on  the “It is All About You” radio show. After the interview, Darien and I spent some more time on the phone talking about our experiences with creative visualization and manifestation. He had an AMAZING story!

You see, nine years ago Darien needed an organ transplant. It took some time, but when he finally made it on the organ recipients list, as you can probably imagine, he was very excited and shared the news with his doctor.

The Doctor’s response? He told Darien not to get his “hopes up”…that it could be “years” before a donor organ could be found.

Really? Seriously?

Okay, maybe this doctor was covering his butt. Or, maybe he sincerely believed what he was saying. Who knows why some people say what they say?

It didn’t matter. Here’s why:

Darien CHOSE not to listen to his Doctor’s “advice”…his “professional opinion.” Nope, no way…

Instead, he immediately began working on being grateful for receiving the new organ for his body! And, he did a visualization exercise where he saw himself heading to the hospital, getting prepped for surgery, then seeing the surgeon putting the final stitches in his body as he completed the successful surgery.

Guess what?

After ONLY 14-days from getting on the list, a suitable replacement organ showed-up. 14-DAYS.  How incredible is that!  Remember, his doctor said it could take years. And, the good news doesn’t stop there.

Darien went through the surgery and has enjoyed wonderful health since the operation. That was NINE years ago.

Here’s the deal.

Darien “heard” what the Doctor said, but he knew better than to believe him.  Instead, he chose to believe in himself;  he chose to rely on his faith, to trust himself and his ability to manifest those things he wanted to manifest in his life. The results speak for themselves.

YOU can do this, too. Anyone can.

Do you know someone in a similar situation, getting similar news? Share this message!  Sure, they can hear it, but they do NOT have to believe it.  We always, always, always have a choice…

And THAT is something worth believing!

Blessings to you all,