VisualFestation Academy

Option I. Introduction to VisualFestation-Group Classes

Starts January 16th, 8pm EST

Knowing that there is nothing that you cannot BE, DO, or Have, what is stopping you from having the life of your dreams? The answer is that most of us do not realize how to effectively manifest what it is that we say we want.

There is a proven “system” to manifesting the life of your dreams, and I am going to teach it to you through my Introduction to VisualFestation course. I have successfully manifested miracles in my own life through using the VisualFestation System, which I created and now I will share with you.

Once you have learned the VisualFestation System, the only thing that will be standing in the way of having miracles manifest in to your life will be you. If you will follow my System”, and commit to practicing it on a daily basis, you WILL see the miracles manifest in to your life experience. I will teach you the role of being a “Co-Creator” and manifestation process.

If you have read my book “VisualFestation-How to Visualize and Manifest the Life of Your Dreams”, you know that I have successfully manifested many miracles. You too have the power to do the same; you just need to be taught techniques, and to practice them daily.

In the Introduction to VisualFestation course I will teach you how to effectively define the miracles which you want to manifest in to your life. Once defined, I will then teach you how to customize the “VisualFestation System” to achieve the life or your dreams.

Online Classes Wednesdays @ 8pm EST.

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