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Just around one year ago I was introduced to a law of attraction writer which I had never heard of before.  His name was Neville Goddard, and although he has since transitioned, he left us with some remarkable works.  He wrote an amazing book titled “The Power of Awareness”.  The book is not very long, but the amount of wisdom that is contained in that book is immense for its size.

The essential premise of the book is that we have the ability to create the personal reality we desire through the effective use of our imagination.  Neville essentially said that if you have the ability to imagine having anything, than you can HAVE it and it is within your reach.  I know for many people this might sound a little too good to be true, but it really isn’t once you realize that you do have that ability, and the way you manifest what you desire is through working deliberately with your imagination.

Neville’s explanation for why it works is that your imagination is actually your direct connection to Spirit, God, Source Energy, or whatever you like to call it.  When I read his book, it totally reinforces to me that I too have the ability to create whatever I desire in to my reality, and that is just how it has successfully worked for me.  In fact, the techniques which I use every day in practicing my VisualFestation System are direct exercises which I use to effectively work with my “imagination”, although I refer it to as Spirit.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, IT STILL WORKS BUT YOU HAVE TO DELIBERATELY DO THE WORK WITH YOUR IMAGINATION.

The Power of Awareness I believe is one of the greatest books ever written on how to use your imagination to successfully manifest whatever it is you desire in to your experience.  For some that could be the desire for increased wealth, for others it could be a return to vibrant health.  You can use your imagination to create any change, which you desire in your life.

I have uploaded the full audio book as a playlist on our VisualFestation YouTube channel.  The book is there and I hope you will take the time to listen to this amazing book.  On our channel, you will also find a handful of other classics, which I have read numerous times over the past twenty years, which have taught me that we truly are the deliberate creators of our experience.

I hope you all will enjoy these great works and truly take in all the information that they share.  Here is the link to our channel:


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