There is an ancient Chinese Proverb, which states, “every ending is a new beginning”. The meaning behind it is very deep.  It essentially means that at any time you can choose your path regardless of what your present circumstances are or how poor your present condition is.  You can choose a path which will lead you to great fortune and success, and once you select that path wonderful things will start showing up in your life.

At the same time though, there is another path that you can choose which will only lead you to more challenges and despair in your life.  Both paths exist simultaneously in every moment and it is up to you to decide which path you are going to take.  The choice is always yours alone to take, and you do this with your thoughts and beliefs

By staying focused on what you desire and aligning your thoughts and beliefs on success, you will undoubtedly create a life, that which you are blessed with massive abundance of love, health, and wealth in your life.

If you should decide to choose the other path through focusing your thoughts on fear and lack, you will undoubtedly create a life, which will be full of frustration, unhappiness, and ill health.  The path is set up this way to awaken you to the fact that you are on the wrong path.

Even if you chose the path of unhappiness, you always have the right to change paths and get on the path of success at any moment in your life.  As soon as you make that choice, your life experience will begin to transform into a life of happiness, joy and success. This is what is meant by “every ending is a new beginning”.

Choosing the right path is simply using the Law of Attraction in the right manner to bring about abundance.  Choosing the wrong path will simply have you using the Law of Attraction against yourself.  Remember it works either way, perfectly and it is always your choice.

No Matter what the situation,
Remind yourself, “I have a choice”.
Deepak Chopra

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