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I’m so excited to announce that my first article has been published in the NEW Law of Attraction Magazine this month. My article is titled “How to Successfully Manifest with The Law of Attraction” page 22.


Once again Pete has been asked to appear on the Think, Believe & Manifest show with Host Constance Arnold. Pete and Constance will talk about ASK, BELIEVE & RECEIVE. They will discuss the test of endurance.

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Sunday – Nov 18 – 7pm EST, 4pm PST Think, Believe & Manifest show with Host Constance Arnold

Pete and Constance are at it again! Join them on Sunday Nov 18th as they talk about Pete’s new eBook, The VisualFestation Guide to Successful Employment. 


Wednesday-June 20th-6pm EST Love Your Path with host Nancy Brook

Join host Nancy Brook as she interviews Pete and they will share ideas on how to love our path in life. The show focuses on creating the three P’s of a meaningful life: passion, purpose … and possibilities. This is much more than a “how to” show, but a program to uplift and enlighten our journey. Entertaining, educational and enthusiastic guests * Create a life filled with passion, purpose and possibilities! *Enjoy more happiness and joy in your life.

Monday-June 11th- Its All About You with Darien Marshall

This show is about building global prosperity through creativity and inspiration. To create the life we want with the right attitude, a proper thought system, and inspired action. To discover new ways to develop human … love, trust, forgiveness, and gratitude. Join Darien and Pete as they discuss these topics and many more.


I’m very excited to have been invited back on Constance Arnold’s show Think, Believe and Manifest for the third time. Join us and my wife Robin as we share principles of how to begin practicing an “HOUR OF POWER” to begin creating miracles in your life.  I will be sharing new techniques to help you to practice your Hour of Power.  These practical techniques we share will empower, enlighten and inspire you to begin this powerful spiritual practice.

Tuesday, April 3rd, 11 EST, 10 CST

Join Peter and DeDe Murcur Moffett to look behind the curtain, ask the tough  questions and Snap Out of the controlled, sedated and distracted way of living  that is keeping you stuck, sick and powerless. Learn how Pete’s system of  Visualfestation can help you change your life!

Wednesday, February 22 @7pm, Six Degree with Host Anthony Brice – Pete and Anthony dive into the real questions and answers on the Law of Attraction, Manifesting and Faith. Anthony asks Pete some hard questions and is the devils advocate for his listeners, how can they really create the life of their dreams?? Does this stuff really work??

Sunday, February 12th @ 5pm, Law of Attraction Talk Radio with Jewels – This is The Radio Show that is changing the World! Join Jewels as she talks with NY Times Bestselling Authors, Scientists, Medical Doctors, Spiritual Leaders and Law of Attraction Experts of which many have been on Oprah, Larry King Live and in the movie, The Secret. Stay in the well-being that makes co-creation work so beautifully… all through the Law of Attraction.

Sunday, February 12th @ 7PM, Empowered for Success with Jeremiah LeBlanc. Join Jeremiah and Pete as they talk about the Success Principles for everyday living. You will discover great insights into your ability to find YOUR passion.

Thursday January 5th at 2:00 pm EST, 11:00 am PST with Tammi Baliszewski, Ph.D. Host of Journey to Center. Join Pete and Tammy when they will talk about it all starts within: by loving ourselves, the world loves us back. Tune in for exciting information and real-life techniques to expand your mind, your heart and your world.

Sunday January 8th at 7pm EST, 4pm PST with Constance Arnold Host of Think, Believe and Manifest. This show inspires you to create the life of your dreams as Pete and Constance will discuss living life authentically and purposefully.They will teach you how to use spiritual universal laws to live a life filled with abundance, wealth, health and purpose. You will gain tools to help you begin to change your thinking and believing so that you can unlock and release your unlimited potential. You will discover how to apply practical insights that will lead to miraculous manifestations in your life.

Sunday January 15th at 7pm EST, 4pm PST with Constance Arnold Host of Think, Believe and Manifest. Part II Back by popular demand– Peter and Constance teach you how to set specific goals in your life for 2012. Tune in as Peter shares specifically how to “Set Your Goals for 2012″ utilizing his “System” a step-by-step proven process for manifestation. Learn how to be a co-creator and manifest anything you desire.

Thursday January 19th at 2pm EST with Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin Host of The Only Way Out Is In. Daya’s mission is sharing universal and motivational principles that can change one’s life for the better. Listen to Pete and Daya on how to live your best life ever.

Tuesday, January 24th at 7:00pm with Inez Bracy the Host of Living Smart & Well Show. Inez show is designed to support you in your activities for the week by sharing tips that easily help you create the life you desire and deserve. Pete will talk about goals and faith.

Monday, January 30th, 12:00pm Leading Edge Talk – by Stephanie Kathanin. Visionary, Author and Talk Show Host Stephanie Kathan interviews some of the world’s finest minds, bringing you leading edge solutions for every day life. Stephanie and Pete will discuss how you can use your imagination to create the life of your dreams.

Wednesday December 14th Peter will be a guest on the Living By Design show hosted by Cathy-Holloway-Hill. Peter and Cathy will discuss change and how we manage the cognitive and emotional challenges that come with change; and also how we can remove these barriers to design our lives and manifest greatest to accomplish our goals.

Monday December 5th join Peter and Flora Brown host of Color Me Happy. Pete and Flora will talk about the actions we can take in our daily lives to bring about the success, joy and happiness we desire. Pete will not only share what the great thinkers have said, but will also tell you about miracles he has created in his own life. You can BE, DO, or HAVE anything you want in life. Tune in to discover that the life of your dreams is not far away.

Pete and Rhett Plamer, Host of the Florida Show discuss how setting goals, visualizing, creating vision boards and believing in the end result can bring you the life of your dreams! Airs Wednesday November 9th on WAXE 1370AM.

Author Peter Adams Introduces Powerful New Book VisualFestation – How to Visualize and Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

PR Log Press Release

Sep 26, 2011 What if there was nothing out of reach that could not be achieved or attained?  Author, Speaker and Coach Peter Adams tackles these questions in his new book, VisualFestation – How To Visualize and Manifest the Life of Your Dreams.

The exciting new book introduces and guides readers in using creative visualization as a daily life practice to lead into the manifestation of real success.  The exciting new book “VisualFestation” delves into the importance of focusing on the areas where improvement is needed most.

Whether ones desire is to make more money, find time for a vacation, get a new business off the ground, or discover true love, “VisualFestation” is introducing simple keys of quantum physics to get in touch with universal life force energy and power. While it may sound “too good to be true,” Peter Adams explains the path to success in a way that is easy to digest and practical for everyday life.

Peter Adams is not just an expert on the subject; he personally has created miracles in his own life through using the techniques discussed in “VisualFestation”.  Peter shares his miraculous experiences and precisely how he was able to manifest them into reality.
This amazingly trans formative book is 118 pages, and available in print, downloadable and audio book formats.  Peter Adams is committed to donating ten percent of all proceeds from the sale of the book to his preferred chosen charities.

“VisualFestation” is helping people to realize that the life of their dreams is not far away. Peter Adams is thrilled to bring the exclusive empowerment keys to a wider audience and is proud to help others manifest the life of their dreams.