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Own the Cheese Seminars (OTC Seminars) was created to teach people how to effectively develop and operate investment strategies which provide cash flow and the ability to leave the rat race behind.

We offer a number of opportunities for learning both real estate investing and investing in businesses, as these are the most proven ways to achieve financial independence for you and your family.  If you want to leave the rat race behind, you have come to the right place!

“To educate and empower people with the right skills and information so that they can achieve financial wealth and success.” Pete Adams, Own The Cheese Seminars

Law of Attraction Course

Your ONE workshop away from Living the Life of Your Dreams!

What if there was nothing out of reach that could not be achieved or attained?

I will teach you how to begin creating and manifesting the life of your dreams. To achieve success with this system, you are going to need to take action, have faith, and commit to practicing these techniques on a daily basis.

Your Dream Life is Waiting, Get started NOW!


Includes 1 year of Online Group Coaching Calls with Pete

Real Estate Investing Online Classes

Building a Legacy

Investing in real estate is the single greatest producer of wealth in our Country and it can be achieved in one lifetime.

Being able to use leverage at really high levels compared to other investments, as well as to defer or avoid paying taxes through tax deferred exchanges make investing in income producing real estate the most efficient and quickest way to build a legacy.

Building a portfolio of income producing real estate and not selling it, but instead passing it along to your heirs can create a legacy which will translate in to a transfer of wealth for multiple generations to come.

Being a real estate investor and teaching your children how to become real estate investors is probably the single best thing that you could do to help them achieve financial success. Trust me, they will make a lot more money and have greater quality of life from learning the business than they ever will from getting a career. If a career is what they want, then they still can benefit from the income producing assets which you leave to them through inheritance.

Why should I listen to you?

Great question and the short answer is because I HAVE DONE IT! I don’t meant to sound egotistical, but I did figure out the keys to financial success, and I am going to share them with you. I have spent the better part of the last 25 years educating myself, being in the trenches finding deals in real estate, as well as businesses.

I have made a lot of money riding the markets up, and I have lost my ass when the bottom fell out in the Great Recession. Markets are markets, and if you were in the market at that time, there was pain, and for me it was brutal, as that was our business. Would I do it all over again with the information I had at the time, the answer is YES, and I would have. The financial meltdown that happened was unforeseen by all of us. Could it happen again? Yes, but is it likely? No. Do not let the fear of what happened in the past keep you from going for it again.


Single Class Price, Includes: Six Months of Online Group Coaching Calls (12 sessions), and a $50 credit towards a deal review.

$97.00 / month

Pay as You Go, Includes: One module released per month and access to 2 Online Group Coaching Calls per month.


Real Estate Wealth Package Includes: Course Level I. Course Level II. Course Level III. 18 Months of Online Group Coaching Calls with Pete, and a $150 credit towards a deal review.

Investing in Businesses Online Classes