Recommended Reading

There are many masters of the Law of Attraction, each with their own message and way of inspiring you. My goal is to help you achieve all the hopes and dreams in your life by providing as many Tools as I can for your Success. I have reviewed and suggest a book from the below list of just some of the books I’ve read and suggest you read too.

The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles is in my opinion a masterpiece, and everyone who desires to manifest money in to their life should own it. The only challenge some readers may have is with the language of the times when the book was written. The principles in the book are timeless, and they work if you will work with them.

The Secret-DVD

The Secret is an excellent documentary on the law of attraction. This is a great starting place for anyone who is just learning about the law of attraction, and it is a great reminder for the rest of us to monitor our thoughts. Just remember, you need to do more than watch a DVD to get results in your life through using the law of attraction.

Review-Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting

I think this is an absolutely wonderful book. I personally have read it three times. Ms. Grabhorn shares her personal experiences where she has observed how her thoughts and feelings have affected the outcomes in her personal reality. It is a great book to remind you about monitoring your thoughts and your underlying feelings, so that you can align them to create the life you want.

“You Can Heal Your Life”

By Louise Hay is an amazing book that should be on everyone’s must read list.  The book is a great resource for anyone who could be suffering from any kind of ailment, and or challenge in their lives.  The affirmations that are in the book are simply awesome!  I cannot say enough about how wonderful this book is.