While surfing the internet the other day I came across a website that had a video that looked interesting.  The  video showed an interview of this amazing lady named Helene Hadsell.

Helene Hadsell has essentially won every single contest she has entered in to over a period of 50 years!  If you watch the video, you will be amazed by her story.  What really caught my interest though was her ability to take the Law of Attraction and put it in to a very simple four step process.  She created the acronym S.P.E.C. which stands for:

Select what it is that you want to experience?
See the experience as already done and complete, and get in to the feeling that you already have it.
Know that it IS DONE, and do not doubt it as not being absolutely true.
Accept the prize, and have gratitude.

This process is not just for winning contests, it is the same process for which anything and everything you desire to experience.  It is the same process which you can use for: health; wealth; happiness; relationships etc.

I remember buying the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill around eighteen years ago.  I was in a book store and the title caught my eye, but I really had no idea at the time what the book was really about.  After reading it three times in a row from cover to cover, I started to wonder if it was really possible to use your mind to create events in ones life.  I started using the technique I now refer to as “Acting As If”.

At the time I was seeking to move up the corporate ladder in a company where I had just recently been hired.  I started to see myself and feel what it would be like to be promoted to Director of Finance, and I practiced this technique while I commuted in to my office.  Within three weeks from reading the book and “Acting As If”, the Director of Finance I reported to informed me that she had accepted another position and was leaving the company.  I told her that I would be interested in applying for her soon to be vacated position, and within a few days I was promoted to Director of Finance along with a substantial salary increase.  At the time, I really had not heard about the Law of Attraction even though I was using it and not realizing that I was.  It was not until about six years later that I was able to “connect the dots”, and see that I had deliberately created the promotion and salary increase.

What experiences have you manifested in your life that you have not even been conscious to the fact that you created them?  When you look back on so called “lucky breaks”, right place right time etc., do you now see the patterns around those events and miracles?

We are all creating all of the time.  Those who understand this and live it are the happiest people in the World for they have gratitude for the gift that we have all been given.  That gift is the unalienable right to be deliberate creators in our life experience.

Remember you don’t have to settle for a seat in coach, when there is a window seat in first class with your name on it!!!