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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle!  Peter Adams is an outstanding Author and teacher.  Peter’s book, VisualFestation is the missing piece of the puzzle explaining creative visualization and other universal principles for manifestation.  Peter shares universal principles in a clear, concise way which empowers readers to implement the principles for creating the live of their dreams.  Peter’s own amazing results is a motivation and demonstration of how a person can truly begin manifesting and living the life of their dreams.  As a Radio Talk Show Host, Peter was an outstanding guest and his appearance was so popular that I invited him back for a second interview.  Listeners globally were given hope and solutions for their lives. Constance Arnold, Host – Law of Attraction Radio Network

Book With Goals That Can Be Achieved Using The Techniques I cannot put this book down. It describes how to set goals and achieve them. The book is easy to read and the techniques described are easy to implement. I feel that the author is sitting down in front of me opening his heart on the principles of manifestation that he uses with successes demonstrated in his life.Thank you for sharing your experiences together with your techniques – these are not complicated! Mr. Wally Rockawin Australia

ENJOYED READING YOUR BOOK! Previously I have read Emmet Fox, Uell Andersen, Ernest Holmes, James Allen and others which basically state the same thing. Control what you think and you control your life. Your book was great because it was more practical and gave down to earth guidance in how to control your thoughts. It is nice to have some methods and not just theory. Thank you and I wish you the best. Scott, Florida

WOW! When I think about this book, Visualfestation, the first word that comes to mind is “WOW”.  In reality that word does say all, but there is so much more to the story. My first introduction to this book was in the form of an e-Book, and I was simply blown away by its content. But, as gratifying as it was in that format; when I held the actual printed copy in my hand, I was intrinsically moved by the beauty of the cover; as well as the expression of authenticity that seemed to ooze from its pages. Visualfestation is a feel good, easy to read book. And unlike so many other self-help books on the market; this one delivers on its promise.  Even before you delve into the simple, fun-filled practices outlined in this book, you will just somehow know that, through the process of consistent visualization, you can be, do or have anything your heart desires.  Thanks Peter. Ethel Jackson, Living From Within, Blog Radio Host

Compelling! Visualfestation is a vibrant testimony to the impact positive thinking, faith, tithing and Divine encounters can have on a life. This book is well written and compelling! Linda Petkunas, USA

Practical Approach! To me Visualization is a new concept. I have never taken the process into my everyday life. I enjoyed the practical approach that Pete Adams took in applying Visualfestation. As a newbie this was a very straight forward book which enhanced my understanding and made me want to read more and learn more about Visualfestation. I have looked back on my life at certain events and realized that what just occurred to me was something I thought about often in the past. I had passed these events off as random chance. Now I have a different sense. I recommend this book to anyone interested in looking a little deeper into their lives. Thank you Mr. Adams!Stephen Atwood, Colorado        

Excellent guide to creating the life of your dreams! Having been exposed to the concept of manifesting your dreams some years ago, I was privileged to have come across the topic once again through Visualfestation. Pete has a very effective way of explaining how to create the life of your dreams through a combined discipline of visualization and meditation, which he so eloquently illustrates throughout his book. I’m not much of a reader and got from cover to cover in one evening, I couldn’t put it down. If you ever wondered how some people manage to achieve feats beyond their wildest dreams, you owe it to yourself to read this book. Well said Pete and very well done… thank you, thank you! John Hopson, Colorado

 A Great Read!  This is a great book… An easy read with great inspiration. Having read many books in this genre, I see this as a simple and straight forward way to “Make Things Happen for Oneself”. I must say, visualizing and making the Hawaii Triathlon experience happen was nothing short of spectacular. Joseph Fawcett, St Petersburg, FL

Good, clear read on a life-changing subject! Pete lays out a very clear method of manifestation through not just visualization but being in tune to universal divinity within and without. Pete also lays out the need to apply the necessary work ethic as well. There are many, many other books out there on this subject, but this book is the clearest most easiest understood of them all, and sums it all up with practical experience and examples, as well as the step by step process the reader can simply refer back to again and again. Bryan McGuire, St Petersburg, FL

 Wow is all I can say! As a lifecoach, author and trainer, I have to say that Peter Adams is brilliant! Folks pay a lot of money for these truths. I know… most people do not have a clue and stay status quo. This is not hocus pocus, and if you want a straight forward work book to changing your life starting RIGHT NOW!! This is the book for you. Well written!  Easy to follow!  Real life examples! This is a book for both beginners and masters………….
Peter takes you by the hand and is both a guide and teacher. And just when you think you have a question… he answers it. I am recommending this book to all my lifecoaching and success clients… along with those who need a change and quick. Thank you Peter for your book. Amazing! Bill Sahli, Florida 

 Inspiring and motivating! Pete has done a terrific job describing his process of visualizing and manifesting throughout the pages of his book. I couldn’t put the book down! I would recommend it to anyone who needs a boost in life and who is looking for a way to have their dreams materialize.Jaden Sterling, “Wealth & Wisdom Guru