Why do we say Hindsight is 20/20?

Pete asked me to write a blog this month and I thought what could I write about? Well, turns out it came to me pretty easily. I was actually writing in my journal and reflecting back on the last four years of our lives.

When looking back on our lives we tend to say Hindsight is 20/20. We seem to think that looking back is so clear and we can see things we couldn’t see before. Rear View

Is that really how it is? Do we really see things clearer looking back or did we just choose not to see them in the first place?

Did you miss all the signs that were there? Most people go through life never seeing the signs or realizing that things happening in their life are FOR them, rather than against them. That you are creating your reality everyday with the Universe, whether you see it, believe it or not. Once you realize you have the power to be a co-creator in your life with the Universe you will start to see and believe.

Having Faith that “Everything is Always Working out Perfectly” for Pete and I is how we live our lives. Trusting and knowing that if we do the work and believe that we are co-creators with the universe anything is possible. Looking back and realizing that everything that has taken place in our lives has been a complete manifestation of what we believed and created is 20/20. I can see now how the Universe met us half way and created situations for us, brought the right people into our life at the right time, gave us the knowledge we needed at the right time, helped us to get out of our own way, had things not happen so something better could happen. The list could go on and on!

Looking back always appears to be 20/20 because you (hopefully) learn from seeing that clearer picture and realize that all the dots were connected for you to be where you are today. Seeing things clearly today will (hopefully) bring you closer to understanding that you are a co-creator with the Universe and that you are always co-creating with the Universe. Pay attention and take great notes!  Robin