You ARE the Answer to Your Own Prayers

You ARE the Answer to Your Own Prayers

I have an amazing success story to share with you.  I was going to save it for my next book, but it is far too good to not share it with you now.  This past May, my Wife Robin and I were visiting some National Parks over in Utah.  On our way back to Colorado, we decided to listen to “A Happy Pocket Full of Money” by David Cameron Gikandi, who is a friend of mine.

We had listened to the book before, but for some reason it seemed different this time.  Something inside both of us “clicked”, and we decided that we wanted to increase sales in our business.  Knowing that we are the deliberate creators in our experience, we made a commitment to practice scripting every morning during our hour of power.

We scripted about how awesome it was to have so many new customers, and how our existing customers loved the service and the quality we provided and that they were polite and friendly to our team members.  We scripted about how wonderful it was to have increasing sales and how grateful we were for such an amazing business.

We did this for eleven straight mornings, and on the afternoon of the eleventh day, we were approached by a competitor who asked us if we would be interested in buying his business!  I almost fell out of my chair when I saw his email in my Gmail account.  I said that we would absolutely be interested in buying his business.  In less than ten days from that email, we were under contract to buy his business, and roughly thirty days later we closed on the purchase.  This purchase has increased our existing sales by 50%!!!  Talk about results!

Using the techniques of The VisualFestation System on an everyday basis, combined with having faith and gratitude that it was already done, will manifest anything you believe you can have.   YOU HAVE THE POWER TO ANSWER YOUR OWN PRAYERS, AND THE UNIVERSE HAS GIVEN EVERYONE OF US THIS POWER.

I hope what Robin and I were able to accomplish will inspire you to create the reality you desire.  You have all of the power already in you to HAVE IT ALL!  It is now up to you to do the work and manifest it in to your reality.